Value Gene Business Analysts take responsibilities on quantitative analyses and participate into internal and external discussions in project activities.

You will be expected of full participation to conduct projects. You will have significant opportunities to test and to develop your capabilities alongside a team consisting of the brightest and the most supportive consultants.

Business Analysts are closely coached by Consultants, Senior Consultants and Project Managers. As Business Analysts, you’ll attend our local and global trainings beyond on-the-job training sessions.

Consultants are the part of quantitative analyses and problem structuring process.

You will be expected to participate into definition of the problem, formulation of the solution and conducting analyses. Also, the representation of the proposed solution alternatives to your senior colleagues will support your career progression in terms of presentation and communication skills. You will have chance to develop your leadership skills in cases of supervising business analysts.

Consultants are closely coached by Senior Consultants and Project Managers. As Consultants, you’ll have challenging on-the-job trainings and advanced skills courses.

Fırat Şık – Consultant:

“What Makes Value Gene Unique”

I always defined the “great workplace” as a company where I can always learn and people constantly support each other’s progress, so one of the many reasons why I joined Value Gene was their mission to “grow together”. As I became a part of this dynamic and supportive team, I realized how quickly I pushed myself to new frontiers.

The long-term trust based relationships that Value Gene establishes with clients also gave me the opportunity to observe the impact that we create. Here, we are never done with a project or a topic, always thinking beyond the traditional consulting perspective. We learn and grow together with our clients as well, making Value Gene unique compared to other consulting firms.

Project Memories

Every project I have been a part of have strongly supported my progress in my career, but my first international client experience was the most memorable one so far. We conducted a “Product Category Strategy” case for a Global FMCG Company, based in USA. As a member of the project team, I personally had the chance to meet and interview people from all levels of the organization to understand their problems and assess enablers pushing their growth. Leaving my comfort zone, I tried to adapt myself to all different perspectives I interacted with. I also learned a lot about an industry with very specific characteristics, excitedly tried to absorb all the information provided. Besides, I was involved in all phases of the project and took high responsibility while measuring the market potential, creating product strategy and developing a business plan for our client. The impact we created, and the client’s satisfaction was worth our vigorous efforts, making the case precious for my career as well.”

Senior Consultants have responsibilities to take an entire project on from understanding what client needs, to management of business analyst and consultant teams to design solution alternatives for implementation.

You’ll need to ensure tangible, applicable and sustainable results for our clients. You’ll have separated project management experience balancing project details and the big picture of the project. You’ll develop your problem structuring, team management and client relationship skills and competencies.

As Senior Consultants, you are closely coached by Project Managers and Principals. You’ll have an end-to-end project management experience to take one step further.

Çağatay Kaboğlu – Senior Consultant:

“What Makes Value Gene Unique”

Collaborative team, high level of responsibility, steep learning curve, international experience and fun… These pretty much sums it up. Value Gene gives a lot of reason that I am looking for creating a real impact in clients as well as my career. While it takes time to get used to the fact that you are a little outside of your comfort zone, you realize how quickly you change and grow because of it. Having an industry background, I can clearly observe the difference of how I push my limits, raise my own self-awareness and build my business mantra while having many project experiences in the US and Europe.

Also, the unique boutique service that we are providing, emphasis on results, goal of making visible impact and helping clients on all above and beyond our usual consulting service make Value Gene unique for me compared to other boutique consulting companies.

Project Memories

Every Value Gene project has excitement and learning in it. Recently, I have been working on a “Sales Excellence” case for a B2B Consumer Goods Company for improving efficiency and effectiveness of their sales organization. At the beginning of the project, we have conducted a diagnosis phase to understand existing organization. During this phase, I personally had a chance to have hands on experience and went into field together with sales team, which led us to develop 6 different initiatives and $8M (c.30%) potential improvement in operating income. Later on, we detailed how we were going to bring these initiatives into life. Beyond detailing the initiatives, we also supported our client to test and implement these in the field. Being able to create impact and seeing improvement in their sales performance did worth months of blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

Project Managers in Value Gene are main responsible to deliver full project scope. The role is critical for client engagement, client satisfaction and successful project implementation.

You are expected to own client’s issue. Exceeding client’s expectation is also play a crucial role in client relationship management.

Project Managers need to focus on the liaison with the client’s management level. You’ll be expected to be recognized as a tough leader and a trusted advisor.

Project Manager is the starting level for new business development; so, you’ll be evaluated with your client and new business development performance.

Principals have proven advising skills and impact on our current and potential clients. They manage client relationships on top executive level. They are expected to lead client development and to have active roles in internal decisions such as staffing, people development and recruitment. They also have significant contribution for the projects we conducted. They are recognized as a thought leader and trusted advisor.

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