Financial services market is affected by wide range of issues. Interest rates are controlled by public institutions in global markets. Consumer behavior is evolving to activities on digital platforms and financial institutions require investing in not only channel development but also technological security. The market has been tightened between regulated margins and increasing costs. Blockchain for data management, artificial intelligence for automated investment advisory, cybersecurity for gaining consumer trust are other technological innovations that will form the future of the market.

Risk management and new revenue opportunities beyond traditional operations are getting absolute necessities. Adaptation to market changes strengthens financial institutions for customer acquisition and retention. New digital-only banking initiatives can provide higher investment interests and lower credit interests due to near-zero labor costs, to acquire customers from other competitors. Strategic partnerships on payment systems are significantly changing the rules of the game. Therefore, financial institutions are far beyond 1990s and “being first” to adapt technological and regulatory developments with a customer-centric approach will be the winner of the competition.

We help financial institutions to identify their current states with risk and opportunities by conducting relevant risk analyses. We support them to design their strategies regarding adaptation to new technological and regulatory development. We conduct new market entry, market expansion, and organic growth and M&A strategies. We build marketing strategies including customer acquisition, customer experience, customer retention strategies assisted potential strategic partnership opportunities.

Industrial Coverage:

  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Insurance
  • Capital Markets
  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Transaction Banking
  • Risk Management
  • Payment Services
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