Healthcare industry is competitive due to dependencies to technological development and new market entrants considering explicitly high profit margins within a changing regulatory environment. The sector is very fragile due to frequent interventions of regulatory bodies and relevant industries such as insurance and pharmaceuticals. Also in these relevant industries, governments have significant roles to set maximum prices and to ban product import licenses. Beyond these, public hospitals and public health insurance structures clamp the size of potential market in social economies. The companies across the market need to focus on value propositions including higher quality of care, lower prices and greater after-service patient relationship management.

Industrial Coverage

  • Healthcare Service Providers: Private Hospitals, Private Hospital Chains, Telemedicine Service Providers, Homecare Service Providers
  • Healthcare Service Payers: Healthcare Insurance Firms, Public Payers
  • Pharmaceuticals: Multinational Pharmaceuticals Companies, Contract Manufacturing Organizations, Contract Research Organizations, Biotech Companies, Pharmaceutical Warehouses
  • Medical Device Suppliers: Biomedical Technology Firms, Orthopedic Product Manufacturers & Distributors
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