Against Henry Ford’s “any color so long as it is black” philosophy, retail industry ceaselessly differentiates among fashions, trends and even technology (i.e. wearable technologies) The tight competition metastasized to digital platforms and strategic partnerships. Global customer profile requires more customized and customer-centric approach than ever before. Above-the-line marketing channels are losing their old popularities. Beyond these, razor-thin profit margins and currency fluctuations enforce retailers to conduct prophetic transformation and turnaround strategies.

Today, digital technologies disrupt fundamental consumer behavior. In this environment, organic and profitable growth can be succeeded by reducing costs, entering emerging markets with accurate strategies. Therefore, the industry requires developments in supply chain processes to reduce production and distribution costs. Value proposition models should be updated and value chain phases should be evaluated in a strategic manner.

We support our clients for growth strategies, geographical & channel expansion and competitive positioning strategies in retail and consumer goods industries. Customer analytics to conduct targeted marketing activities, e-commerce strategy design, transformation and turnaround strategy design are some of our services to enable your organic growth. Also for your inorganic growth strategies, we provide market assessment, analysis of M&A opportunities, synergy evaluation, post-merger integration services in emerging markets, as well.

Industrial Coverage :

  • Global Brands & Imported Products
  • Luxury Goods Companies
  • Durable Goods Companies
  • FMCG Companies


The world is rapidly digitalizing and businesses are facing crossroads. Developing technology removes the borders and digital opportunities create a new ecosystem of increasing economic growth driven by more efficient processes, better resource allocation and decreasing cost-to-serve throughout value chains. Customer experience journeys transform and shift towards digital channels…


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