Value Gene Consulting Group is a boutique and independent consulting firm offering strategic business solutions to achieve big, rapid, sustainable, continuously improving results. We guide and advise out strategic partners, C-Level executives, in mastering their business challenges around various subjects and industries. We drive change in the best interest of our clients and corresponding stakeholders rooting from the fact-based quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Our clients’ arising needs in an increasingly challenging business environment have caused traditional dynamics to change in the industries, and only those companies with sound strategy and decision-making capabilities can achieve long-lasting success. Helping them to confidently set direction and make well-informed decisions requires unique skills, particularly the ability to connect analytics understanding to actionable business insight.

As a boutique management consulting company with an enthusiastic team of consultants previously experienced in top strategy consulting companies, we highly anticipate the significance of decision making and result-oriented approach in business management. Our «boutique service principle» offer our clients better responsiveness, the long-term dedication of our team and high-quality advice with the direct involvement of our senior team in our day-to-day work where we fully concentrate on the needs of our partners and their business. We generate more than 80% of our business from clients with whom we have long-standing relationships. We pursue our goal to «grow together» with strong ownership from every team member at every level of our organization.

Our consulting team, hiring only top educated and internationally experienced team members, aims for the best deliverable for the clients. Ensuring more senior involvement than any other player in the industry, Value Gene Consulting Group produces day-one applicable results. Deep subject expertise, matching with the pioneering industry knowledge, our team is providing impact and quality work satisfying all stakeholders/parties. As measured by our ability to maintain long-standing client relationships, ensuring client responsiveness and dedication, Value Gene has separated from the other players in the industry by delivering a content-driven insight that our clients look for from their strategic advisor.

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