Growth for consumer products companies has become ever more challenging. It is not only about growth in demand is slowing down but also digital and behavior of consumers, especially new generations, have been changing the opportunity space of traditional consumer products companies.

Change in consumer preferences and digital enable newly established brands to emerge as a rival at a much faster pace. Brand loyalty is changing its form and building a new brand requires much less time & investment.

Identifying growth opportunities which will create value is key for the success of a consumer products company. You can win this if you can devise smart growth strategies and transform your company to deliver the strategy in excellence.

One of the traps in defining the strategy is relying on industrialized marketing approaches. Today, the world is not the same as the one 10 years ago when there were no Instagram or Uber and smartphone penetration was <20%. Marketing approaches that were developed decades ago are not as effective today.

Value Gene helps its clients better understand how different consumers decide and ways for companies to tap the potential. We also partner with our clients to excel in implementation of growth strategies with a focus on transforming marketing and sales capabilities.


The world is rapidly digitalizing and businesses are facing crossroads. Developing technology removes the borders and digital opportunities create a new ecosystem of increasing economic growth driven by more efficient processes, better resource allocation and decreasing cost-to-serve throughout value chains. Customer experience journeys transform and shift towards digital channels…


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