Digitalization has been a strategic agenda item for many companies since 2010. In the recent years, the urgency of digitalization has dramatically increased due to two main reasons; successful companies at digitization have started to differentiate themselves strongly from the rest and COVID-19 has not only increased the demand for digital products and solutions across all industries but also motivated the companies to put more focus and effort on digitization.

In the last decade, companies have put substantial effort on digital across three areas; digitization of the core, growth with new digital businesses and digitization of the enablers. However, many companies are still behind their digitization agenda. Our experience shows that most of the companies have implemented ad-hoc digital initiatives that are not strongly linked with the commercial strategy. As a result, many companies failed in scaling up and/or were not successful at converting the digital efforts to commercial value. Winning companies has linked the digital initiatives with commercial strategy, focused on delivering commercial results in short term and in parallel, invested in capability build-up with utilizing various technology partners.

As Value Gene, we see digital as an important and most impactful enabler of commercial value. We do not run independent digital initiatives but we embed digital solutions in the commercial strategies to solve most important business problems. We have an extensive experience in data analytics, digital customer journey, digital sales and digital marketing and we work with our digital partners to offer end-to-end solutions. We are committed to deliver commercial value and willing to take full responsibility in execution of strategy.

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