Whether you are a food ingredients producer, a distributor, a packaged foods manufacturer or a food retailer, you are witnessing a major shift in consumer preferences toward “Healthy Food”. As more health-conscious generations take greater share from consumer spend, market growth is now mainly driven by healthy categories.

Consumers increasingly prefer products with clean label, reduced sugar and/or fat, reinforced with nutrients and diet friendly. Traceability and sustainability are getting priority on their decision making. This paradigm shift has been pushing companies to invest more on innovation or acquire other companies and overhaul their portfolios to better reflect growing consumer preferences.

On the other hand, digital and e-commerce imply a shift in how people shop and the way they work. This has huge implications on the marketing capabilities of packaged food manufacturers. Digital also offers new opportunities to B2B food players when they are ready to transform their businesses. When they do, a vast opportunity space opens that could fuel their growth multiple years.

As Value Gene, we work with food companies to help devise their growth strategies and transform their organization to ensure right capabilities are built to deliver the strategy. We help companies to reach their full potential focusing on commercial effectiveness and efficiency, through sales excellence and pricing programs.

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