What We Look For

We are constantly on the search for new colleagues to join our team.
Depending on the position level key skills of our team members include:

Problem solving

  • Rigorous problem identification and structuring
  • Reliability in data gathering and analysis, with passion for details
  • Creativity and analytical skills


  • End-product orientation
  • Ability to identify viable solutions
  • Initiative and confidence
  • International mind-set

Management skills

  • Willingness to take on responsibilities
  • Being resourceful in solving problems
  • Commitment to the client and to the team
  • Ability to motivate peers
  • Effectiveness in both written and verbal communication

The blend of experience we typically look for is as follows:

  • Graduate of a top-tier university – MBA or an equivalent master’s degree is a plus
  • Prior experience working with leading consulting companies preferred
  • Prior experience in managing projects and teams preferred
  • Flexible with international travel

If selected for an interview with our firm, you will likely go through two rounds of meetings.


Round One

The first round of interviews will consist of meeting(s) with our Senior Consultants and/or Project Managers. Each interview typically lasts about an hour, and serves us to get to know more about you, beyond what’s on your CV. The interview will also include a business case. During the interviews, you will also find chance to learn more about Value Gene.

Round Two

Candidates who successfully complete the first round of interviews will be asked in for a second round with our Project Managers and Partners. In this round, the candidate will be asked to solve a business case question or to conduct a presentation on a topic.

Candidates who successfully complete both rounds of interviews will then be made formal offers.

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