Linked to strategy and organization, commercial excellence should be performed to convert strategy and resources into high profitability, winning in competition and growth. Companies need to know how to operate sales, marketing and customer experience management functions to acquire new customers, to increase average spending per customer and to retain customers.

We treat commercial excellence and customer experience management with three prolonged approach: Customer Acquisition Strategy, Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Strategy and Customer Retention Strategy. Also, we link these commercial excellence strategies to big data analytics; hence, we produce real-life results for our clients.

Our service areas covering: from customer acquisition strategy – including customer segmentation, market segmentation & assessment, sales channel design, lead generation models, referral program design, competitor segmentation- , to up-sell/cross-sell strategy development – including campaign management, channel migration design, segment-specific treatment -, to customer retention strategy- including churn prevention model design, customer loyalty program design.

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